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The qualification of the hotel determines its gastronomic offer, rich in kitchen halal plates with a wide larder of completely certified excellent raw material.

Our Hotel guest will receive an exclusive service in its nutritive diet on having been served the menu and will taste plates with the best ingredients and presentations worthy of the best restaurants.


The philosophy of our Halal food applied to the stove by our Chef and his team, is based on the one hand on the utilization of food certificates both traditional and last generation, but always keeping in mind that quality is the best of the ingredients. Without forgetting the presentations that mixed spectacle with harmony.

Whenever the client sits down to one of our tables it is exhibited to an incomparable gastronomic experience that begins in the same moment in which he asks for the menu. The originality of its contents, they pass to the quality of a delightful and varied offer.


Olas Restaurant " Buffet"

Restaurant, where you can taste a halal, Mediterranean and market menu, made with fresh seasonal products and in a unique environment. Something more than an elaborate concept restaurant, a culinary experience that will awaken your senses. A fusion between a successful execution and an elegant presentation, rich and simple at the same time.


Chillout Restaurant

The Chill-Out Terrace "Sky" of the Costa del Sol Luxury Boutique Hotel offers, with its majesty and modernist beauty, the most exclusive atmosphere of Torremolinos. A space created to escape the heat, enjoy the summer nights and the sea breeze, the most sophisticated cocktails with splendid views. Extensive menu of non-alcoholic cocktails, sweet and refreshing flavors that combine for you to enjoy. It is an authentic balcony open to the city, with privileged views of the sea and the mountains.


Cortado Caffe

Our cafeteria "Cortado" offers a wide selection of teas, coffees, cocktails and not forgetting the breakfasts, snacks in a unique atmosphere. It is a privileged space for its terrace oriented to the south where you can enjoy the tranquility of Torremolinos.